Looking out for you.

We are your eyes on the skies, focused intently on protecting our clients, the public, and the safety of the world.
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Now is the time.

With security threats evolving every day and bad actors being more emboldened by drone technology, now is the time for you to have a proven, government-trusted security advantage.
We provide a responsive ecosystem that monitors drone activity and pinpoints the threat to keep your people, your assets, and your business secure.
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Not only do we protect, we are your partners.

We add an essential layer of protection that prevents threats from materializing one step ahead of those attempting to disrupt your business, invade your privacy, and do harm.
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We make our world a better and safer place

EdgesourceX is the commercial arm of Edgesource, a dynamic, quality-driven IT partner that delivers innovative and forward-leaning solutions to its customers. EdgesourceX is committed to building trusted and scalable C-UAS solutions to protect businesses, organizations, and individuals from costly security threats.
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UKRSOF Operator
Armed Forces of Ukraine
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Three weeks on the front line using EdgesourceX technology with no detects and no counterfire... lives saved.
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