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Proven, customizable, easy-to-deploy solutions

Developed by EdgesourceX’s Ornith Labs™ elite team of UAS experts, our end-to-end solutions identify, track, and coordinate response to drone activity in your airspace.

Cost effective and compliant solutions that are easy to learn and implement - our suite of products works seamlessly with existing security infrastructure. Our team provides top-tier training and support to bring you to the edge of innovation.
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The WindtalkerX system detects and locates drones, their pilots, and more, within a range of 35+ kilometers. Using the same technology trusted by military, civilian, intelligence gathering, law enforcement, and public safety agencies, WindtalkerX deploys in 30 minutes or less and can gather 30+ data fields, including serial number, drone location, home location, operator location, flight path, velocity, and altitude.
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DowdingX provides a single-pane common operating picture platform offering a simple, elegant operating picture and is as easy to use as Google Maps. Quickly and securely display and analyze sUAS activity and create real-time intelligence reports with cutting-edge precision. Real-time notification of drone activity allows for user-defined zones of interest, threat warnings, and alerts via SMS or email. DowdingX can also integrate an organization’s existing C-sUAS systems or sensors by compiling data into a centralized common operating picture to increase response time and deconflict information. DowdingX can be deployed and used by end operators with minimal training in less than an hour.
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Bringing our innovative and forward-leaning solutions to our customers.

EdgesourceX provides a complete package of advanced RDT&E and technical development to include rapid prototyping, technical exploitation and evaluations, systems & software engineering, integration, digital forensics, cyber hardening and software support services.The team also provides training in complex systems analysis, sensors, sUAS and C-sUAS technologies for your security advantage.

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